Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Review: Fallen In Love by Lauren Kate

Title: Fallen In Love
Author: Lauren Kate
Publisher: Doubleday
Year of Release: 2012
ISBN: 978 0 857 53172 8 (hbk.)
Source: Purchased
Number of Pages: 201
Unexpected. Unrequited. Forbidden. Eternal. Everyone has their own love story. And in a twist of fate, four extraordinary love stories intersect over the course of a romantic Valentine's Day in medieval England.
Miles and Shelby find love where they least expect it. Roland learns a painful lesson about finding and losing love. Arriane pays the price for a love so fierce it burns. And for the first - and last - time, Daniel and Luce spend a night together like no other. 
This book is not technically a part of the original Fallen series, which generally consists of Fallen, Torment, Passion and Rapture. Fallen In Love has been dubbed book 3.5 in the series, published not too long after Passion, but before Rapture was released, the final book in this series. So this book is more of a spin-off book portraying the love stories of Miles and Shelby: Love Where You Least Expect It, Roland: Love Lessons, Arriane: Burning Love and of course, Daniel and Lucinda: Endless Love. It was really interesting and so much fun to read! A helpless romantic at heart, I enjoyed every second of this book. 
Fallen In Love was also flexible to today's society, featuring a gay couple in one story and teaching us that sometimes friendship is the best kind of love in another. Lauren Kate was definitely not afraid to experiment in this book, but it was done subtly and beautifully. The romantic medieval England setting and all those romantic stories in one book had me swooning and wishing I could be there with them myself!
I am going to keep this review short, as it was a short book, and I have nothing much to criticize it on. It was a brief, simple book, consisting of four short stories, meeting coincidentally on a romantic Valentine's Day in England. 
Romantics will definitely enjoy this book. We finally get to know a few of the fallen angels we have grown to adore, their love stories and a little more about their personalities and why they are the way that they are. 
Some will make you cry, others will make you laugh and you'll just all around love it. I definitely recommend checking this book out if you are a Fallen fan!


  1. I'm really looking forward to reading this whole series.

    Just wanted to let you know that I nominated your blog for an award. Check out my blog post to see it, and get the award for your page!

    Manda C.

    1. Hi Manda! Yeah, it's a pretty good series! You nominated my blog for an award? That's incredible, thank you so much!! I really appreciate it! Although, I can't seem to access your post on your blog, would you mind posting a link or emailing me one? Thanks again!! :)