Sunday, March 23, 2014

Thoughts? Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters Movie

So the Vampire Academy movie was released a few weeks ago in Australia and I wanted to write a post to let you guys know my thoughts on it as a very concerned VA fan. In the anticipation of the movie, it received so much hype and awesome advertising that made me that much more excited for it, and then I went to see it and I was sorely disappointed.

Let's start with the obvious. As you've probably heard, Vampire Academy was directed by the same guy that directed Mean Girls, which provoked a flurry of worries in my little heart when I found that out. 

Mean Girls? Seriously? 

I was worried that Vampire Academy would be turned into some Mean Girls remake with the added detail of vampires. And while the first book was kind of high-school-ish, I didn't want that to be the main focus of the movie because the book certainly has a lot more depth and seriousness. Vampire Academy is not a chick flick. 

But when I went to see the movie, I was so disappointed after these worries were confirmed. The movie was waaaaaaay too comedic and witty to really grasp the dark, distressful mysteriousness of the book. The book is supposed to be scary. Not funny. 

We are supposed to be worried for Lissa after dead animals keep finding their way into her room. Scared when she starts to become depressed and self-harm. Concerned for her mental health when she starts using spirit and compulsion again. The book is laid in mystery, suspense and darkness. I felt like the movie was making a joke of this. It was horrible. 

They have the most antagonistic relationship, why did that hug exist? Someone?



Why was it played down? Rose and Dimitri are supposed to have this undeniable, unfathomable connection despite the fact that they can't be together. When they are under the lust charm, even though they are being compelled, they are still opening up to each other for the first time. It was a milestone in their relationship and one of the most important moments in Vampire Academy so why the hell did Rose say, "Sweet sassy molassy"? 

That was so not okay. 

Also, Lissa was not supposed to find out about Rose and Dimitri's feelings for each other until Shadow Kiss. Why did she know about it in the movie?

Compared to the book, the movie was awful. I am so disappointed. Even though they followed the plot of the book well, it just didn't feel like Vampire Academy. 

It felt like a comedic, watered-down version of the amazingness that it really is. The books were not done justice with this movie. 

After I watched it, stepping out of the movie theatre feeling sad and let down, I spoke to a few girls who had also watched it and they said "I hated it. It was worse than Twilight." Though I can't go as far as to say it was worse than the disgrace that is the Twilight movie, it still definitely did not live up the the expectations of a lot of fans. So therefore, I have constructed this letter to the film industry:

Dear Film Industry, 
If the Vampire Academy movie goes on to produce Frostbite, please please please do not ruin it and Adrian Ivashkov, you f*cking ridiculous bunch of money-grabbing pr*cks. 
Seriously Upset VA Fan

If film adaptions are made for the rest of the books in the VA series, this movie did a horrible job of setting itself up for them. What was with the ending, with the vampires and Sonya in the cave? 

Just why?

They only things I can say the film did sort of well was the casting, following the main plot/story-line of the book, and the fight scenes. They were awesome. 

Overall though? Such a disappointment.