Thursday, December 27, 2012

Under Construction

Hey guys! I just wanted to let you all know that right now, Book Nerd & Critic is undergoing some changes. You may have noticed that the header has been changed, but that is not going to stay, some modifications regarding size need to be attended to. 
For now, the template will remain the same, but don't be surprised if that suddenly changes too. 
All these modifications are being made to help make this blog better, so if you've got any suggestions, please, please, please, with a cherry on top leave me a comment or email me so that I can see what you all want and put it into consideration. 
Also, a few new page elements have been added to the blog, including the new 'Follow by Email', and this way, all new posts are delivered straight to your inbox. I'm following a few blogs by email and it is easier to keep up to date with everything because you don't always need to actually get on their blog to read the posts.
Lastly, a poll has been added to the blog, inspired by the Fallen series being reviewed here. You can select multiple answers if you want. At the end of it, I'd like to be able to see what's most popular and review it, if I haven't already.
I hope everyone had a great Christmas! 

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