Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Want cheap, discounted books? The Book Depository is the site for you!

What's up guys? I just found an incredible website for buying discounted and insanely cheap books. It's called...drum roll please.... THE BOOK DEPOSITORY! 
This amazing company that I think is based in the UK has more books than you can imagine. Just use the search-bar to look up a book and I guarantee it will be listed cheaper there than in the usual book stores. If it's not, then don't buy it. 
Shipping is free worldwide! Amazing right? You can pay with a credit card or even use PayPal, the safer, easier way to pay! 
Here's how I would advise using this site. Wait until you have a book in your sights, then do some research. Check the price of the book in stores and then compare it to the price on The Book Depository and see if you can get yourself a bargain! I mean, lets face it, we bloggers and authors read A LOT of books, but who wants to keep paying $20-30 or more every time we buy a book?! It's insane. 
The only crap thing is that most books take up to 48 hours to be dispatched and then depending on where you want it shipped to, it can take up to 3-10 working days to reach you. But when you're paying less than $10 for a book worth $30, I suppose it's worth the wait. Like I mentioned before, shipping is free and returns are allowed, just contact the site for more info.
If you like The Perks of Being a Wallflower, you can get it from $11 on this site. Amazing huh? 
Have fun! :-) 


  1. Love the Book Depository and order from there all the time. The free shipping is awesome.

  2. I know! I only just had it recommended to me, and I can't believe I went so long without it!

  3. Oh, thank you for the follow Alicia! I just stopped by your blog and am now following by email. I'm looking forward to reading more of your posts. :-)

  4. Best prices for books.. no look back..