Monday, October 10, 2011

Book Blurbs

I got to thinking today and made a little discovery about the blurbs of books. In case you're not sure as to what a blurb is, it is that little section of writing on the back or inside the cover of books that gives you a brief insight as to what the book is about. I'm sure you have read many blurbs before as they are generally the first thing you turn to upon picking up a book in a store. I have judged many books based on what is said in the blurb as once you read it you have decide whether that book is one that interests you. 
But today I considered the fact that maybe some blurbs betray the story of the book. If the blurb is short and doesn't catch the attention of the reader, he or she loses interest quickly and will most likely put the book back and search for another. But if the blurb is witty, interesting and gripping, you're more likely to want to read that book. Now I know that everyone has their own interests when it comes to choosing a book. For me, when I walk into a book store, I go straight to the teenage fiction section as those are the sorts of novels I enjoy reading. I could spend hours there picking books off the shelves at random and reading the blurbs, creating a little pile of the books I actually like and putting the ones I don't like back. But maybe I'm missing out on reading some great books solely because I an quick to judge based on the blurb. 
Maybe a better option, if you have the time and are not in a hurry, is to actually read the first page or two of the book. Sometimes you will find books that say something like 'Try It! Read page 37!' I definitely enjoy finding books like that as you get a deeper insight into the book, without it spoiling anything for you. So next time you're in a book store, please try this idea out and see if it works for you!
I would love to hear your opinions on this matter, so please leave a comment! I realise that this isn't exactly a big issue, but I tend to find that it's the small things that make the biggest differences.

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